You need better data for your real estate website.

We have it.

Can you capture leads on a variety of devices? Are you able to attract Millennials?

Graphiq can help ensure the answer to these questions is "yes!"

Graphiq's real estate solution provides unprecedented access to property and location data visualizations. We have the exact information home buyers look for when making decisions. Leveraging our simple-to-use tools, you can implement our mobile-responsive, turn-key visualizations to improve your web presence and increase user engagement by up to 40%.


Before moving elements on your mobile view:

  1. Navigate to the Properties Panel (the right-hand menu)
  2. Under the Layout Assistant section, click "Entire Page"

This will automatically adjust elements on your page to fit the mobile view, and you'll only have a few stragglers to adjust manually.


Good job!

Congrats, you've made all your changes! You can now publish your training page (don't worry, it will only be visible to you). Click 'Save' > head back to the Page Overview screen, and click 'Publish Page.'

Stand out. Engage visitors. Close the deal.

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INTEGRATED: Visualizations appear native to your site and can easily be customized

AUTOMATED: Industry-leading sources constantly update the visualizations so you always have the most accurate information 


EASY: Simply embed our visualizations by calling Graphiq’s API 

ENGAGING: Visualizations improve user engagement and increase time spent on site by up to 40%

Property Details

Market Trends

Location Information

Automated Text Descriptions


Our suites of property-centric and location-based visualizations provide information for 150 million U.S. properties and give context to their surrounding areas. These are just a sample of our available packages, so there's really something for every real estate professional.



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Graphiq has been with Proffer since the very beginning and was extremely flexible in working out an arrangement that met the stage of our company. Graphiq gave Proffer the opportunity to provide our customers with property data and neighborhood visualizations without our team needing to spend our limited resources on the task.

Having a company that can scale along with us, continue to improve Proffer's product offering, and be responsive to our needs has been awesome!”

- Ari Gati, CEO + Founder of Proffer

"We've been very pleased with Graphiq and their ability to help us scale quickly. The visualizations we get from Graphiq engage and impress our users, and we're excited to utilize the Graphiq API to help grow our catalogue of custom apps built for real estate agents and brokers." 

- Colin O'Brien, CEO of SnApp

"It's fantastic to work with a company that takes the burden of data visualization off of our team and gives us a technological advantage over other brokers. Graphiq provides us a plug-and-play solution that saves us time and frustration, and we've been really impressed by the way their API has enhanced our site."

- Michael Hickman, President + CEO of Seven Gables

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